Current Grant listings

The following specific projects were funded in 2014-2015.


  • MICB Core Operating Budget
  • CCMB Research Grants
  • Studentships & Fellowships
  • Core Funding for Provincial Director, Research (PDR) Office
  • CancerCare Manitoba Translational Research Program
  • Margaret A. Sellers Chair Support
  • CancerCare Manitoba Research Officer
  • Start-up Funds for Dr. Sachin Katyal
  • Core Funding for CancerCare Manitoba Training Programs
  • Match Up Funding with MHRC Scholarship for Dr. S Katyal
  • Manitoba Palliative Care Research Unit (MPCRU) Infrastructure Support
  • Large scale clinical implementation of a 3D patient verification system
  • Support for Year 2 of the Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Registry 5-Year Strategic Plan


  • Clinical Investigations Office
  • Support for the Manitoba BMT Program and BMT Clinical Investigations Office for Pediatric Specific BMT Trials


  • Digital Television Display
  • Patient Services Discretionary Fund
  • Camp Indigo - Pediatric Oncology Program
  • Manitoba's TLC (Teens Living with Cancer)
  • Palliative Care, Transition and End of Life Care Programming at CCMB
  • Road to GMP V: Project Mapping the Establishment of cGMP Compliant Cell Production
  • Consultation Recording Service
  • Patient Refreshment Service
  • Patient and Family Resource Centre
  • Guardian Angel Caring Room
  • Volunteer and Community Based Information and Support Programs
  • Cancer Specific Information and Networking Sessions
  • The Navigator Newsletter
  • Music To My Ears
  • Community Cancer Care Educational Conference
  • Community Oncology Scholarships:Enhanced Skills Training for Community Oncology Programs, Cancer Patient Navigators and Primary Care Professionals
  • Enhanced Quality of Life and Supportive Care Programming
  • CCMB Aftercare Program (CAP) for Survivors of Childhood Cancer
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines Initiative:Testis Cancer Meeting & Breast Cancer Meeting
  • The Patient Guide: Your First Appointment
  • Pilot for a New Colon Cancer Screening Technology
  • Next Phase of CCMB's Transitions Initiative
  • Transitions Initiative - Oncology Patient Passport Project
  • Patient Support Related Services (Head & Neck Fellowship)
  • MANTRA - Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) & CCMF & CCMB Collaborative Grant Re: Smoking Cessation